Dry Red Chilli

Dry Chili Exports

Below chili varieties are exports

  • Sannam S4,
  • Teja,
  • Byadgi,
  • Mundu
  • Chilli flakes

Turmeric in India

varieties of Turmeric in India

  • "Finger" [Kerala],
  • "Salem turmeric” [Tamil Nadu],
  • "Sangli turmeric" [Maharashtra],
  • " Bulb" [Telangana]
turmeric exports from India

Coriander Seeds & Powder in India.

Coriander Seeds & Powder in India

  • Coriander Seeds
  • Coriander Powder

Ground nuts in India

Ground nuts in India

  • Kadiri-2,Kadiri-3,BG-1,BG-2,Kuber ,GAUG-1,GAUG-10,PG-1 ,T-8,T-64,Chandra
  • Groundnuts  are called by many other local names such as: Earthnuts, Ground nuts, Goober peas, Monkey nuts, Pygmy nuts and pig nuts.

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